E. Parrella Company, Inc.

All EPCO Products are manufactured in the USA.

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EPCO Industrial/Commercial Balls

EPCO's Industrial Balls are manufactured from a proprietary formulation of Partek resin. This specially designed Thermoset resin allows for great versatility in creating beautiful, brilliant and novel designs, such as pearlescent, sparkle, transparent, translucent, marbleized, neon and clear colors.

This special resin also allows for variations in formulations which provide hard or softer materials ranging from 68° hardness to 90° hardness as well as densities from 1.2 to 1.75. EPCO manufactures industrials balls in sizes ranging from 1 ¼" to 8 ¼".

EPCO will also manufacture custom color balls.

For more information on EPCO balls, please visit our web site at www.ecpcoballs.com.